Born into a musical family in Beijing, Jiaxin Tian is a rising star among young piano virtuosos. One of the Steinway Arists .Having earned praise for her solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall on February 2013, she has since obtained her Professional Studies degree from Manhattan School of Music, during which time she received MSM’s highest piano prize,the Harold Bauer Award. Her Master of Music degree is also from the MSM . On February 2014,Jiaxin Tian performed at New York's Lincoln Center. Although Tian is just 27years, this is the second time she has performed at the world-famous New York concert venue and this two concerts are also part of Spring Festival celebrations overseas, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.
 On February 2012 Tian has achieved great success playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.20 in D Minor, K.466 at the John C. Borden Auditorium with the Symphony Orchestra of the Manhattan School of Music, which is conducted by world famous pianist and conductor Philippe Entremont. Entremont spoke highly of her performance: “I had the privilege to play the Mozart Piano Concerto, K.466 with Jiaxin Tian in New York. She is a splendid pianist with enormous possibilities. Her pianistic presence is amazing and I predict. ”“After five seconds, I knew that I liked this girl and her sound,” Philippe also said several years later after this concert,Jiaxian Tian begin study the piano with Maestro Philippe Entremont.

Ms. Tian has given several concerts in all over the world over the last several years. As part of the Rising Artists Evening II, held on June 2, 2012, she played with the New York Concert Artists (NYCA) Symphony Orchestra under the baton of renowned conductor Kazuo Kanemaki. Local and international media enthused over her performance. In 2009, Jiaxin Tian made her solo debut playing The Yellow River Concerto in Beijing. Newspaper reviews at the time characterized her rendition as "exceptional and spectacular with subtle musicality and unique timbre." On January 2012, she was invited to perform The Yellow River Concerto again; this time in China’s National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA). On July 2012, she returned to Beijing and played not only The Yellow River Concerto but also the Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor,K 466. She has won recognition in various major piano competitions, receiving awards for the Mozart work at the Dora ZaslavskyKoch Competition in 2011,for solo piano work in the First Young Artist Competition in Long Island in 2011; for double piano in 2012; and for piano quintet in New York City’s Lillian Fuchs Chamber Music Competition in 2011. She was selected by New York Concert Artists and Associates to participate in the 2012 Rising Artists Event in recognition of her outstanding performance in the Rising Artists Concerto Presentation sponsored by the NYCA in 2011. During the summer of 2012, Ms. Tian’s first CD, “Piano Music from the Heart”, went on sale under the auspices of the China Recording Corp. The Chinese Post Office also issued a special commemorative postage stamp in her honor. In addition to performing, Jiaxin Tian also has begun to explore music pedagogy. In the summer of 2011, she was invited to lecture a master class in Beijing entitled "Black and White - My Piano Dream”.On April 28 2014 , the “French Spirit” concert was held at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations. The French maestro Philippe Entremont and his Chinese student Tian Jiaxin brought the concert to its peak with their free-flowing performance of Mozart’s piano concerto. Although they had collaborated before, it was the first time Tian performed with her French master on a Chinese stage.On June 2014 Tian Jiaxin gives a solo recital at the Harvard Club in New York. On Augest 2014 Jixin tian performed at TianJin Concert Hall. On September 2014 Jiaxin Tian was accepted into the worldwide distinguished roster of Steinway Artists. On the same month she  performed in Harbin play concerto “Chinese Dream” as the Premiere Play with Harbin Symphony Orchestra with conductor Yang Yang. On Nov.2014, She will join the Steinway & China Gala Concert in NCPA(National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing)to celebrate Steinway in China 10 years anniversary and performance concerto “Chinese Dream” with the China National Symphony Orchestra(CNSO)with Conductor Yongyan Hu in NCPA.